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Courthouses are the center of activity, particularly in rural Texas counties. Disputes are resolved there. Marriages both begin and often end there. Children are adopted there. Ultimately, wills are probated there. Courthouses are a fixture of our lives, and continue to be a fixture in our deaths.

But courthouses are also important symbols to the communities they serve. They are, at least historically, proud buildings that were a source of pride. In small towns, together with churches, courthouses are often the only examples of grand architecture and building on a grand scale. They are, in many ways, larger than life.

We have used five small icons from five different Texas courthouses within this website. Each of these architectural details might go unnoticed by the casual visitor. But they are there - architectural embellishments that we rarely see. They are evidence of craftsmanship in building that, for the most part, no longer exists. They are a testimony to the care and thoughtfulness that went into constructing each of these marvelous buildings.

Each of these courthouses is identified next to its icon. The photographer is also identified, and a link is provided so that you can see even more photographs of thes public buildings via the Internet. There are also several good books on Texas' historic courhouses; books worth owning. The important thing is this; next time you are in one of these majestic buildings, take the time to explore its hallways. Examine the details you might normally miss. Such experiences can only enrich each of us.

Bexar County Courthouse

San Antonio, TX
Steve's Texas Courthouse Pictures

Fayette County Courthouse

La Grange, TX
Steve's Texas Courthouse Pictures

Hopkins County Courthouse

Sulfur Springs, TX
Capitol Shots Photography

Jefferson County Courthouse

Beaumont, TX
Cow Skull and Oil Derrick Detail
Steve's Texas Courthouse Pictures

Red River County Courthouse

Clarksville, TX
Lady Liberty Cornerstone
Steve's Texas Courthouse Pictures
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