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Divorce is likely to be the first experience that a client has with our court system and with attorneys, while undergoing the most traumatic of events. Tom recognizes the unfamiliarity and the stressors associated with divorce, and endeavors to deliver service to his family law clients that does not begin or end with the courtroom. Every law license in Texas includes the word “counselor” in addition to the word “attorney,” when defining what lawyers are charged to do. Particularly in the context of a difficult divorce, Tom takes that responsibility seriously.

Tom is dedicated to the premise that lawyers should not be part of the problem in any context, but particularly in a divorce. The parties are generally having a hard enough time with their own emotions, without having a lawyer fan the flames. Tom is a proponent of collaborative divorce, and settlement outside the context of a trial if that is at all possible, particularly where there are children and a continued co-parenting relationship. But, having said that, some cases need to be tried. And when your case is one of those cases, you need a family lawyer who is at home in the courtroom, as Tom Carnes is.

Tom walks each of his clients through the process of divorce, from filing, to temporary orders, through mediation, and on to trial, if trial proves to be necessary. There is total transparency to the client in how he conducts each aspect of the case. Each client receives a copy of each document in the case as it is transmitted. Client input is sought, and expected, on all substantive decisions impacting the case.

Any divorce might have several sub-components, ranging from property issues, to child issues, to support, to, all to often, issues of abuse and neglect. Some of these issues may be present in your divorce, and some may not. More information on each of these subjects is provided through additional links within this Family Law section of the website.

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